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Ryak Cleaning & Support Services

We are specialists in Deep Cleaning Services. Our staff have a combined industry experience in Deep Cleaning of 20 years.

Due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19 Corona-virus Ryak Cleaning & Support Service have made adjustments to our Deep Cleaning Service to help combat the virus and contribute to helping stop the spread.
We are very aware of our responsibilities at present and understand the role we have to play as a cleaning & hygiene vendor in these difficult times. We are currently keeping a close eye on legislation and requirements. We are trying to contribute in some way to the sanitization & disinfecting of our community and therefore contributing in some way to the containment of the virus.

Our Expertise

Our areas of expertise are Industrial, Commercial & Clinical Hygiene Services.
Our Services include Anti Viral Cleaning, Disinfection Services, and decontamination & sanitization services. We work closely with our clients to ensure we are meeting with your requirements in line with current government guidelines & legislation.

• All our staff are fully trained to deliver highly professional Deep Cleaning Services.
• Structured and thorough cleaning practices
• Experts in delivering services correctly with no cross contamination
• We work our way through each task with a step by step procedure removing all microorganisms while leaving clean and viral free surfaces.
• Emergency Deep Cleaning services – 2hour emergency response time
• Safe Contractor Qualified
• IPAF Qualified for high level Deep Cleaning
• State of the are machinery & equipment


Immediate Deep Clean

If you require a Deep Cleaning service right away, then get in touch today by phone 02895918383 or email we will be on hand to schedule a meeting to discuss your requirements.
If you need an emergency deep clean, or even a decontamination and sanitization service, then get in touch today by phone on 02895918383 we can talk you through how the service works. We work in many different sectors including hospitality, medical, food production, pharmaceutical and hospital environments, and therefore we can guide you on the best intervention for any particular situation, especially if you haven’t experienced it before.
Our experts are available on the phone ready to help you to create a more hygienic environment and to ensure the health and safety of the environment under your care.

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Why You Should Get A Covid-19 Coronavirus Deep Clean

We use only Industrial Antibacterial Cleaning Solutions.

We have over 20 years combined experience in Deep Cleaning.

We work for a wide variety of clients throughout NI from Small to Large organisations.

We can work after hours to limit disruption.

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