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Choosing The Right Cleaning Company | Dec 17th

As well as health and hygiene considerations, keeping your business premises and property clean and well maintained promotes a positive image to staff, visitors and customers and saves you money by prolonging the life of your fittings. So, it is important to source a good commercial cleaning company that can do this for you. But, how do you identify a one that can enhance your premises and promote longevity?


6 Tips for finding the right commercial cleaning company for your business

  1. Before you start looking, put together a detailed brief covering what needs cleaning, how often etc.
  2. Identify potential commercial cleaning companies that have the capacity, relevant experience, qualifications (eg Working at Height, working with Bio-hazards etc.)
  3. Ensure they have access to the latest equipment and techniques for whatever your job entails
  4. Ask other businesses in the area for referrals, and often internet searches for suppliers can provide good research and a list of companies to contact
  5. Seek out testimonials and online reviews from their customers
  6. Ask for a pre-work visit and quotation in advance

Ryak’s Commercial Services

Ryak provides Commercial Cleaning Services for Commercial & Industrial organisations across Belfast

Ryak offers a comprehensive portfolio of specialist cleaning, maintenance and restoration services for, and to, commercial and industrial operations which can be tailored to suit your organisation’s requirements.

Their services are suitable for all types of businesses, including education, health, commercial offices, retail outlets, leisure facilities, hotels, restaurants, nursing homes, warehouses, and factories.

A wide variety of property management organisations also regularly contract Ryak’s commercial cleaning services. These include Housing Associations, building companies, letting agents, local authorities, facility management organisations and utility companies.


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