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Many new office buildings, industrial units, warehouses, and factories are now built with an exterior cladding. This cladding is usually made from aluminium, steel, reconstituted stone, or plastic, and can provide a very high-class and easily maintained finish to buildings.

Unfortunately, none of these materials weather as well as natural stone or brick, and without regular maintenance and cleaning they can become stained, covered in algae, and dirty, which affects not only the look of a building but also its lifespan.

Cladding materials are usually man-made and they do degrade over time; often much more quickly than natural stone or brickwork does. What was a beautifully shiny new building just a few years ago can quickly end up looking drab, run-down, and neglected.

Our cladding cleaning service will help to restore your building’s exterior by removing all the dirt, grime, stains, and algae that’s accumulated over the years, and help it look like new again. But, if you let it decay too much, your costs will be much greater because no amount of cleaning can replace rotten, rusty, or badly-decayed cladding materials.

Our regular cladding maintenance service will help to prolong the lifespan of your building. By regularly removing surface contaminants we help to minimise the structural and irreversible damage they cause, and by spending a little bit of money regularly it reduces the total maintenance costs over the life of the building.

We recommend the cleaning of all external facades every 2-3 years depending on location of your building.

Our Cladding Cleaning Services in Belfast for Domestic Commercial shop and factory customers are available on a one off basis or weekly fortnightly or monthly contract in the following location.

  • Lisburn Road
  • Malone Road
  • Holywood
  • Belfast City
  • Cultra
  • Bangor
  • The Titanic Quarter


”We recommend the cleaning of all external facades every 2-3 years depending on location of your building”.

Our key areas of operations included the following

Dargan Cresent / Duncure Street / Corporation Street / Belfast City Centre / Malone Road / Holywood / Bangor / Lisburn Road / Lisburn Andersonstown


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