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Deep Cleaning Service

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Our Expertise

  • All our staff are fully trained to deliver highly professional Deep Cleaning Services
  • Structured and thorough cleaning practices
  • Experts in delivering servies correctly with no cross contamination
  • We work our way through each task with a step by step procedure removing all microorganisms while leaving clean and viral free surfaces
  • Emergency Deep Cleaning Services - 2hour emergency response time
  • Safe Contractor Qualified
  • IPAF Qualified for high level Deep Cleaning
  • State of the art machinary & Equipment

Why choose electrostatic disinfection?

Electrostatic disinfection is more effective, sustainable,
dependable and persistent than conventional
disinfection methodologies. In Formal testing at
accredited laboratories our control spray is proven to kill
>99.99% of envelped viruses (such as COVID-19).

Why choose electrostatic disinfection?

Conventional cleaning and decontamination

Hazardous chemicals:

In many cases these chemicals are not effective because they are immediately wiped off surfaces as part of the application

Multiple products and methodologies:

All dependent on the knowhow, skill and dilligence of the operative

Time Consuming:

1 litre covers 36m2 in 11 minutes 41 seconds


Ryaks electrostatic cleaning and decontamination

65% less checmical product

No chlorine, bleach, alcohol, solvents, flammable or corrosive liquids or ordours.
Instead hydroxyl-free radicals attack viruses, bacteria and fungi by attacking membrane lipids, breaking
apart nucleic acids, denaturing protens, disrupting cell walls and oxidation of cell bonds.

One delivery system:

All dependent on the knowhow, skill and dilligence of the operative

Time Consuming:

Easier to apply, delivering an ionised 40 micron layer of disinfecant that fulit and evenly coats all surfaces


1 litre covers 150m2 in 10 minutes 20 seconds

Persistent and eco-friendly:

The electrostatic spray repels pathogens, providing longer lasting protection for up tp 30 days* and is naturally non-toxic

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