4 Types of Cladding and How to Properly Clean Them

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4 Types of Cladding and How to Properly Clean Them | Dec 20th

If you’ve lived in the UK for long enough, you’ll understand just how wild the weather there can be. Unfortunately, due to the constant change of the surrounding climate, things like the claddings of your property can easily deteriorate and be damaged. For instance, the sudden changes in hot and cold can lead to problems like rusting and fading, none of which you want your property’s cladding to experience.

That said, a great way to maintain your claddings over time is to clean them often. However, there is such a thing as the wrong and right way to clean them.

Today, we want to tell you the right and wrong way to clean your property’s cladding depending on the type of material to ensure durable cladding:

1. Wood Cladding

Wood cladding is a popular choice for cladding for many people. It’s versatile, looks great if done correctly, and is also one of the most durable cladding materials out there. The only problem with wood cladding is that it can be damaged by water. Because of this, you’ll have to be careful while cleaning it.

You should avoid cleaning your wood cladding with high-pressure cleaners, which will cause considerable damage. Instead, you should use a soft cloth and warm water and apply a thin layer of paint or varnish as needed.

2. Composite Cladding

This type of cladding is made up of different materials, including plastic, wood and even glass. Because it’s composed of different materials, it’s essential to know how to clean composite cladding to remove dirt and grime.

Using a soft cloth to wipe the dirt and grime off your cladding can be quite effective. Once you’re done cleaning, make sure to dry it off with a cloth as well.

3. Concrete Cladding

You can find concrete cladding on a variety of different structures and buildings. However, concrete cladding is often used as a base material for properties. 

If you’re wondering how to clean your concrete cladding, you’ll want to opt for a powerful pressure washer. This will allow you to remove dirt quickly. Since it’s concrete, you can just as easily leave it to dry!

4. Metal Cladding

Metal cladding is very popular due to its durability and natural look. However, metal cladding is often used to coat other surfaces. In that way, it’s crucial to clean metal cladding to ensure that the surface you’re covering stays fresh and clean.

You’ll want to avoid using pressure cleaners on your metal cladding, just like you should avoid using them for wood cladding. Instead, opt for a soft cloth, warm water, and a bit of soap.


Knowing the right and wrong way to clean your property’s cladding is important if you don’t want to damage it. That said, keep in mind that different types of cladding will require different techniques, tools, and solutions to get it cleaned. If this is something you cannot bother learning, feel free to reach out to professional cleaners for the job. They’ve already spent the time understanding what it takes to clean various things. No more do you have to sit down and wonder how you can go about cleaning your cladding, let alone know how to clean them. You can sit back and relax knowing that the professionals are hard at work, ensuring your cladding and your property as a result is looking at their best!

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