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What To Look For In A Contract Cleaning Company | Feb 10th

Many commercial businesses or offices require a Contract Cleaning company that are hassle-free and provide the highest of service. At Ryak Cleaning and Support Services, we are considered to be one of the specialist contract cleaning service providers within Belfast and the greater Belfast area.

As 2020 begins, your company may be considering a contract cleaning arrangement with a local, market-leading company. Many businesses put their trust in Ryak Cleaning as their Contract Cleaning Specialist. 

In this article, Ryak Cleaning look to put forward our case for being your next contract cleaning provider in Belfast. It is our belief that there are no other professional cleaning services like Ryak for a business in the greater Belfast area. Read about the services we can offer and see if we can work with you in 2020.

Who Are Ryak Cleaning & Support Services?

Established in 2003, our Contract Cleaning Services in Belfast and the Belfast area have a name for delivering a reliable and skilled commercial and office cleaning service. We have been trusted by offices, shops, schools, among others to ensure that their businesses are kept clean and to the highest standards expected by their owners.

Our team of well trained and extremely qualified staff offer regular window cleaning services to a range of commercial business premises and offices across Belfast and the greater Belfast area. The dedicated and wide-spread service that Ryak Cleaning provides enables us to offer exceptional value and dependable services. 

Established and employed by an array of businesses across Belfast and beyond, Ryak Cleaning is one of the leading and revered window cleaning companies across the Greater Belfast area. We offer our service to many companies, shops, and offices and have a name for delivering superior service levels with a cost-effective approach. 

Ryak Cleaning: Our Contract Cleaning Services 

Ryak Cleaning Services use a host of experienced commercial cleaning staff who are available to Belfast and the Belfast area. The reliable contract cleaning service we provide has allowed us to develop long term professional relationships with commercial offices, property managers, schools, and retail outlets across Belfast.

By scheduling your business’ commercial cleaning service, it allows us to clean all shared areas as well as attend to all facilities, replenish consumable products, dispose of waste and carry out any janitorial services. All of this is carried out at times that suit our clients to ensure business hours are not impacted upon.

All of the Contract Cleaning packages Ryak offer are tailormade to suit the client’s needs. As every clients has different day-to-day commercial cleaning requirement, it is up to us as a cleaning service provider to fit our services around you.

The services Ryak Cleaning off include:

  • Deep cleaning,
  • Hard floor care,
  • Carpet care, 
  • Grafitti Removal,
  • Pressure washing and much more.

Ryak Cleaning Services is here to provide our clients with the contract cleaning at times when you require. We can even work to ensure your business’ needs are taken care of in an emergency. If your company have any special events booked into the calendar, Ryak can take care of the clean-up both before and after the event. We also specialise with end of tenancy cleaning for landlords, periodic cleaning, and window cleaning.

There is no doubt that Ryak Cleaning Services can manage any commercial business or office space’s contract cleaning requirements. Let us help you sweep into 2020 with Belfast’s premier cleaning company on your side.

Contract Cleaning Services Support Your Office

Ryak Cleaning helps many companies and organisations to fulfil their business’ objectives by ensuring that work, communal, and relaxation environments are efficient, productive, healthy and safe. 

This approach could encompass the Leisure and Retail sectors, offices, stores, accommodation, IT assistance and kitchens. After you source your business’ contract cleaning services to Ryak Cleaning, you’ll be able to meet, and surpass, strict hygiene standards and audits. 

cleaning company belfast

Ryak Cleaning can ensure that your business runs more smoothly as a result of staff and customers being in a space that is more pleasant and hygienic.

Office contract cleaning could be arranged to a frequency that suits you and your office and budget. Ryak Cleaning is also able to perform carpet and hard floor cleaning to maintain floor surfaces and improve their lifespan. We can also assist you with bathroom services, replacement of hygiene provides, and deep cleans. If you wish for your office’s upholstery to be cleaned to save having to buy new furniture to replace the tattered ones, Ryak have you covered.

Contract Cleaning: Need A Deep Clean?

Ryak Cleaning provides cleansing solutions to hundreds of offices and commercial businesses within Belfast and specifically, in greater Belfast. The deep cleaning services we provide are tailored to every specific company and premises. This approach is taken to ensure that you get the service that is right for your business.

From a daytime deep clean, deep cleans to upholstery and carpet maintenance, you can rest assured that Ryak will leave your premises in the best shape for the year ahead.

Managing How Customers See Your Business

Both workers and customers sometimes evaluate a business. They can regularly make remarks on the facilities and conjointly by the presentation. However, the impact that a store or office has visitors it is caused mainly by its appearance and cleanliness.

Unattractive stains of a mug, spilling of paint or anything out of order can often draw unwanted attention from staff or customers. With Ryak’s contract cleaning service, you’ll be able to make sure that nothing within your business or office can provide a negative opinion from customers or staff.

The commercial contract cleaning staff that Ryak employ completely clean any workspaces to the highest possible levels. The cleaning service provided includes:

  • Floors and carpets, 
  • Windows, 
  • Kitchen areas, and,
  • Washrooms throughout the premises. 

Whether your company is a small, medium or larger operation, Ryak Cleaning Services can arrange a contact clean on a daily, weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly basis. 

If your business is more extensive, with many people employed in the workplace, substantial cleaning becomes necessary. In times like these, our clients generally choose from either daily or bi-weekly cleaning contracts. Ryak’s contract cleaning services work to make sure that no damage is caused to the premises, whether by damage of items, pieces of furniture, and fixtures.

When you are seeking specialist contract cleaners, you can be sure that Ryak Cleaning provides a complete and reliable professional cleaning service for any business in the Belfast and greater Belfast area.


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With many commercial businesses looking to ensure that all of their contractors are of the highest standards and cost-effective for the New Year, consider Ryak Cleaning and Support Services for a contract cleaning specialist in 2020.

Our office staff are always there to answer calls from potential clients and arrange appointments to ensure we meet your business’ needs. Call our offices in Belfast today to see what we can do for you in the coming year.

We look forward to building and developing a working, professional contract cleaning relationship with your company in 2020. By reaching out and building more business relationships in the New Year, we can continue to add to our portfolio of clients and build on the multiple successes we have had up until now. Make a difference in your business with Ryak Cleaning.

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