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Belfast’s Number One Specialist Cleaning Company | Dec 13th


  • When it comes to a specialist cleaning company in Belfast, Ryak Cleaning industry leaders. Here’s how Ryak can spruce up your premises for 2020.
  • Many commercial businesses require Specialist Cleaning contracts that are hassle-free and provide the highest of service. At Ryak Cleaning and Support Services, we are considered to be one of the industry leaders in specialist cleaning service providers within Belfast and the greater Belfast area.
  • As 2020 begins, your company may be considering a specialist cleaning service with a local, market-leading company. Many businesses put their trust in Ryak Cleaning as a Cleaning Specialist across a range of areas.
  • In this article, Ryak Cleaning look to put forward our case for being your next specialist cleaning service contractor in Belfast. It is our belief that there are no other professional cleaning services like Ryak for a business in the greater Belfast area. Read about the services we can offer and see if we can work with you in 2020.

Ryak Cleaning & Support Services: Specialist Cleaning Company

  • Established in 2003, our Specialist Cleaning Services in Belfast and the Belfast area have a name for delivering a reliable and skilled specialist cleaning service. We have been trusted by offices, commercial premises, schools, and large businesses to ensure that their buildings, and surrounding areas, are kept clean and to the highest standards expected by their owners.
  • Our team of well trained and specialist cleaning staff offer bespoke, high-end cleaning services to a range of commercial and office premises across Belfast and the greater Belfast area. The dedicated and wide-spread service that Ryak Cleaning provides enables us to offer exceptional value and dependable services.

About Ryak

Established and employed by an array of businesses across Belfast and beyond, Ryak Cleaning is one of the leading and revered specialist cleaning companies across the Greater Belfast area. We offer our service to many companies, shops, and offices and have a name for delivering superior service levels with a cost-effective approach.

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A New Year For Your Company’s Hygiene

  • As we leave 2019 behind us, a new year offers an incentive to begin anew and expel any dangerous habits that have evolved over the busy Christmas period. After the busy festive period, we are inevitably faced with a clean-up ahead of 2020.
  • If you’re a Belfast business trying to begin 2020 on the correct foot, why not aim to ensure that your business is as clean as a whistle for the New Year? After we all have a well-earned break, having clean premises will not only improve your business’ name, it will also scale back the danger of harmful microbes spreading, protecting your customers and staff. Like several New Year’s resolutions, being meticulous with your hygiene processes will be easier same than done!
  • To ensure you get hygiene right in 2020, we’ve place along with some recommendation on the specialist treatments you will wish to view to make sure your premises in the Belfast area is as clean as it can be to start the New Year.

The Deep Clean

  • Everybody who manages a premise can apprehend the importance of deep clean. However, it is vital to understand the locations that ought to be prioritised and the order in which the cleaning must take place.
  • If you run a business in the Belfast area that has its own kitchen, this is one essential space that demands your attention. While daily clean-up routines are crucial and can facilitate to keep up a decent surface level of hygiene, greases and fats can accumulate on less accessible surfaces like walls, ceilings and lights.
  • This will end in possible areas for bacterium to multiply. Therefore, it’s vital to focus on these ‘hard to reach’ spots with a specialist deep clean. Vents, grease traps and drains also demand a constant level of care to get rid of any grease and carbon deposit build-ups.
  • Another space to specialise in is your washroom. If neglected during a deep clean, hidden germs and bacterium will build up in washrooms, creating multiple unsanitary areas within the bathroom environment.
  • Ryak’s specialist cleaning technicians can supply a lot of comprehensive deep clean of bathrooms, urinals, basins, walls, pipework, and plumbing fixture traps. By calling Ryak Cleaning’s skilled deep cleaning staff, we can use chemicals to ensure that any dirt and dirt build-up that might harbour dangerous bacterium, is removed.
  • Alongside routine clean-up, at Ryak, we recommend that an expert deep clean is arranged a minimum of twice a year. To save you the hassle, call our dedicated team to get these dates marked on your calendar as soon as potential. It is also recommended to arrange these deep cleans during quieter periods to minimise disruption for your business.
  • If you are a company based in Belfast or the Belfast area, call Ryak Cleaning Services today to see how we can help you move into 2020 with a clean bill of health.

Ryak Cleaning - washroom

Cleaning Hard-To-Reach Areas

  • While it’s straightforward to wash frequently used areas like washrooms and kitchens regularly, it’s vital you don’t neglect those places that are higher-up or harder to reach.
  • Several retail and leisure facilities have internal and external high-level areas that may be tough, and even dangerous, to clean regularly. Ryak Cleaning’s specialist technicians use apparatus like cherry pickers, backpack vacuums, and mobile system to effectively clean any high-level or hard to reach areas.

Other Areas

Ryak Specialist Cleaning Services offer a spread of extra services to make sure that your entire premises are as clean as possible, heading into 2020. These specialist cleaning services include:

• Cladding Cleaning
• Sign Cleaning Services
• Bin Store Clean-up
• Conservatory Cleaning
• Graffiti Removal
• Chewing Gum Removal
• Driveway Sealing & Patio Cleaning
• Solar Panel Cleaning

These clean-up difficulties are usually ignored by routine cleaning regimes. Therefore, it’s worth ensuring you extend them an additional inspection in 2020. Focused in the Belfast area, we offer a wide range of specialist cleaning services that can be tailormade to suit your business’ needs. Call us today to set up an appointment with our friendly, dedicated staff.

Window Cleaning Belfast

Ryak’s Final Thoughts

  • Keeping any business clean over a busy year is a challenge. However, that burden doesn’t have to rest on your shoulders as a shop, office, or catering premises. Ryak’s Specialist Cleaning Technicians undergo intensive training to make sure their work is carried out to the highest possible levels. With Ryak’s Specialist Cleaning Services’ assistance, you can guarantee your business could be a hygiene haven in 2020.
    With many businesses looking to ensure that all of their contractors are of the highest standards and cost-effective for the New Year, consider Ryak Cleaning and Support Services for a specialist cleaning service in 2020.
  • Our office staff are always there to answer calls from potential clients and arrange appointments to ensure we meet your business’ needs. Call our offices in Belfast today to see what we can do for you in the coming year.
  • We look forward to building and developing a working, specialist cleaning relationship with your company in 2020. By reaching out and building ore business relationships in the New Year, we can continue to add to our portfolio of clients and build on the multiple successes we have had up until now. Make a difference in your business with Ryak Cleaning.
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