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What You Can Reasonably Expect from a Deep Cleaning Service | Oct 11th

Deep cleaning, as the name suggests, is more extensive than your regular cleaning. Even if you maintain the sanitary conditions of your property consistently, it’s a good idea to have a cleaning company conduct some deep cleaning at least once or twice a year.

There are specific factors that determine whether a deep cleaning is actually effective. If you’re going to get such a service, there are a few things you should expect that make it useful.

Deep vs General Cleaning

General cleaning includes the usual dusting, mopping, sweeping, waste disposal, and vacuuming. Deep cleaning includes organization and involves more disinfectants to get rid of germs. The latter ensures that you truly get rid of unwanted pathogens that have built up on surfaces.

Deep cleaning should take around eight hours to accomplish for a property with around three regular rooms and one bathroom. The bigger the space, the more time it will take. If you have more than five rooms or some extensive issues that need to be addressed, expect to dedicate most of the day to this.

Chemicals and Disinfectants for Deep Cleaning

Your cleaning company will work on your property gradually. So, general cleaning objectives will be hit first, and then they will move on to disinfection. 

The exact chemicals will depend on any prevalent issues that they may find in the property. However, all of them will likely have antimicrobial properties. These chemicals are going to be stronger than your general house cleaner, so expect to see EPA-approved cleaning solutions that are built to kill 99.999% of germs. The approval process for these tends to be more stringent because they are supposed to be commercial-grade.

Your cleaners will also use different cleaning equipment, like hot water extractors, pressure washers, protective equipment, and more. Expect a lab-like smell during the process since their disinfectants will have ammonia and aldehydes. This ensures that particles and old pollutants can be tackled.

They’ll likely go through each surface in your property thoroughly but quickly enough that their solutions don’t dry out. You may even inquire about the usage of electrostatic sprayers if you want that added strength. High-touch areas like switches, door handles, and counters will likely see much of their focus. 

When You Should Get Deep Cleaning

If you’re in need of an extensive decontamination service, you’re going to want to go beyond general cleaning. Inform the cleaners of any particular issues that may need more attention so they can bring the right tools or inform you if there’s a need for specialists. For example, if your property is suffering from mould, this would require more protective gear and materials for mould remediation.

As a general rule, deep cleaning works well during the Spring because it comes in the wake of winter and a period of hibernation. However, it’s still possible any time of year. Commercial spaces or particularly messy and active homes should consider having a deep cleaning performed more than once a year. 


Every cleaning company has their own measures and practices, so make sure you get the service that works for your specific needs. Again, the necessity for a deep clean can be situational, but it’s better for the health of any inhabitants to have a set schedule for yearly sessions. If you do get this service, make sure your cleaners match the criteria above.

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